This Quill Keeps On


Do you ever rewatch early episodes of a series, from before you became obsessed with it, and you’re like: This feels different now. Our relationship has changed. You’re no longer a casual fling. We’re married.


off to go fold laundry and watch Firefly and stay up to forward more laundry and then set my alarm for 6 so i can shower before church.


also if anyone knows where i can watch, NOT download, how i met your mother season 7 i would be much obliged. netflix has failed me.

been on a how i met your mother binge.

most of the way through season 4 and for whatever reason channeling barney with bits of lily thrown in there.

i’m basically barney without raging libido and compulsive lying.

and utter blackness in my soul.

but yeah.

other than that.

barney driving himym (by SuperZiplock)

That moment when you realize you’re Barney Stinson.


How I Met Your Mother


Doctor Who

Choose one for me to start watching this evening.